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Manage Your Portland Home from Anywhere

Control4 Intercom Anywhere Puts You in Control of Your Smart Home

Manage Your Portland Home from Anywhere

Do you remember the old intercom systems that used to be installed in many upscale homes?   You could press a button and talk to someone in another room.  You could push another button and make a household announcement that dinner was ready.  You could play music on it through the built-in radio that many of them had.

Does that seem quaint today? Indeed, these intercoms started disappearing in the 1990s with digital technology and inexpensive multi-phone systems that could do the same things wirelessly. But the intercom isn’t dead – in fact, some of those features are still useful even in today’s smartphone-filled  world. 

Along that line, Control4 has reimagined the intercom for the 21st century.  Their Intercom Anywhere integrates with the Control4 smart home automation system to add new dimensions to communication and control for your property in Portland, OR.

Want to see what you can do with it?  Just keep reading.


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Command Your Front Door

With the Control4 video doorbell, you can control the situation.The doorbell can provide a high-definition video view of who is at the door, and you can choose to answer it or not.  If you are at home, the Control4 Touch Screen lets you turn on a light if necessary.  If your system integrates smart locks, then one tap can unlock the door for a known visitor. 

If you are away, Control4’s 4Sight system and smartphone Intercom Anywhere app can alert you to a visitor at your door.  If it’s a package delivery you are expecting, and you won’t be home for a while, you can choose to unlock the door with your smart lock, watch the delivery man place it inside the door, and lock your door after it’s done.  The sequence could even be automated with a custom “delivery” button, which could temporarily disarm the alarm, unlock the door, and re-secure everything after a few minutes.



Connect To Your Home

Sometimes, even though seemingly everyone has a mobile phone, people don’t answer.  Control4 Touch Screens have a unique feature.  First, they are equipped with cameras and microphones, so each one of them is also a video intercom as well as a control panel. Using a feature called auto-answer with the Intercom Anywhere app, you could dial into any Touch Screen-equipped room from anywhere and see a video feed of that room.  You could keep an eye on the kids or reach a babysitter that isn’t able to answer the phone. 


Connect Inside The Home

Of course, the Control4 system can serve as a 21st-century intercom. If you have a large home, yelling at the kids that it’s time for dinner probably isn’t a great idea.  With the Control4 touchscreen, you can broadcast a message to a specific room or to all of them, or do so with video.  If you have lighting control and whole home audio integrated with your smart home system, a button called “dinner”  could even flash the lights in several rooms as a signal and put on a music playlist that indicates it’s that time. 


Doesn’t all this sound much more useful than those old intercoms?  To learn more, give us a call or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation with your local Portland smart home control experts.